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"MFR (Myofascial Relesase) is a healing experience.  After major abdominal surgery for ovarian cancer, Jen suggested shifting from traditional massage to MFR.  For me, MFR was a revolution - releasing the physical pain caused by scar tissue - and an evolution - releasing stored emotional pain and fear.  Jen's calm presence and wise spirit along with her specialized training in MFR created a space for healing.  I continue to regain strength and energy and have fewer episodes of pain.  Jen and MFR have been and are an important part of my journey to health and wellbeing." - Kath

"ZenJen gets a five star thumbs up from me!  I love to run and lots!  Last year, my goals included running 2015 miles and a triple marathon at Lake Tahoe.  I was ramping up nicely last summer and suddenly developed terrible pain in my right upper hamstring area.  I was out for almost three weeks which was terribly frustrating. Luckily, I was in Colorado and able to have Jen work on me. She used MFR and I felt such relief during the session and was back to running regular miles within the week!  I had never experienced those kind of results before!  If you have acute or chronic pain, see Jen! Coming from a medical background (I am a nurse practitioner), I can tell you, she knows her stuff!" Kathy L. Marathon/Ultra Runner, CPNP

"Working with Jen was a totally new experience for me. As a professional musician of thirty-seven years, hand care is always a top priority. After suffering a near catastrophic cut to my left hand and better than a year and a half of recovery nearly five years ago, I had settled on my new limited abilities: limited range of motion, limited flexibility, frequent low-level pain, and what seemed to be permanent swelling. Jen's MFR treatment has basically eliminated all swelling on my left hand – and this four years AFTER my initial injury. With an increase in reach and strength – and hand pain non-existent – my comfort level has exceeded my expectations. I'm even able to play guitar again now with increased reach and no low-level pain. Thank you, Jen." -Steve, musician/composer/teacher

"Zen Jen knows just what to do to make my tight muscles feel great again! With a background as both a professor and an athlete, she brings a unique sets of skills and experience to her practice. I highly recommend her!!"  -Rose Wetzel, Professional Obstacle Racer, Spartan World Place Finisher, Two-Time American Ninja Warrior Finalist


"Being a collegiate head men's basketball coach, I know stress.  My body and mind endure a long and intense season every year.  Jen's massage therapy is amazing!  She is always professional and willing to listen to my needs before each session.  Jen has helped me physically and mentally before through her massage therapy treatments and I highly recommend her."  -Dustin

"I have suffered from fibromyalgia pain for years, it is chronic pain that ebbs and flows. Although massage does help, I cannot tolerate deep tissue so it was suggested that I try Myofascial Release. I look forward to when Jen is back in Hesston visiting and I can schedule a Myofascial Release session. Jen knows exactly how to seek out areas that needed addressing by asking for feedback throughout the session and working the necessary areas. It is light touch therapy, which is helpful in my situation, and I have experienced release and relief from pain. I highly recommend you try this type of therapy. Jen is knowledgeable and passionate about helping others feel healthy."  -Brenda

"Jen has magical hands!  She has been able to find problems areas that I didn't realize I had, because of other, more painful spots.  She can also find the source of the problem with her extensive knowledge of the body.  Whenever I have had a different therapist, I always leave disappointed as they are not as good as Jen.  Jen has dedicated her life to physical fitness and bodywork and you can tell the difference in just one session."  - Amy

"Jen is very educated and experienced, and the outcome of the myofascial release has been amazing! I regret that I didn't find her sooner and that I am moving to another state next week. In three sessions she has released years of muscular abuse inflicted on my body, and I am now walking upright, without a limp. The pain in my knee is gone. I no longer look like a little old lady hobbling through the store! Had I received this Barnes technique of MFR, I would not have been forced to give up my career this year. Thank you, Jen, for your expert treatment and your gentle spirit. God bless you!"  -Ann, Massage Therapist

"Jen's massage experience supported me throughout chemotherapy, offering a calm and safe space, relieving tension, stress, and pain. Her work specifically helped relieve neuropathy pain and release scar adhesions  -Kathleen

"I had the pleasure of meeting Jen at the Colorado Roots Music Camp where as an instructor, playing 24/7, I managed to get pretty tense in the arms and shoulders. She helped me initially with her great massage techniques. Later, when I had developed some Focal Dystonia issues in my left hand, Jen told me about MFR, Myofascial Release, which I also feel has helped me tremendously in my healing process. Jen is a true healer, loves her work, and is truly passionate about helping others. She has my most sincere recommendation."  -Raul Reynoso, Guitarist, Composer, Singer

"Jen is a healer. Period.  Her myofascia release has helped my chronic neck and back pain significantly.  I highly recommend her if you are in pain."  - Amanda

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